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We offer fixed prices per article or chapter from journals, conference proceedings, and books:

- $29.90 sourced and scanned from libraries
- $19.90 from electronic sources.

These prices include all copyright fees.

Please fill the following form with your email and a list of citations that you want to order.

The citations should at least contain the following information:

- Title of article or chapter
- Source (Journal or Book in which the Title was published)
- Publication Year

The following information will help us identifying the Title:

- Volume / Issue / Pages (Journal or Book in which the Title was published)
- Author(s)
- PubMed ID (PMID) and/or Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

Following your submission, we will email you an invoice which contains the order items which we can fill. Since we require pre-payment of (first) orders, we will fulfill your order only after payment has been submitted.

If you intent to order regularly and receive accumulated invoices at the end of each month, please email us your request.

Our payment service provider is, accepting most credit cards worldwide. We are currently working on including further payment options.

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